Monday, March 9, 2015

The Curse of Old Plumbing

When it's been so long since you last blogged that you actually have to look at your own blog to see where you are in your line up, you might be overwhelmed.
I saw this picture on Pinterest and it completely sums up my life right now.

Not complaining at all I promise. It's a good thing, it's just a LOT!
About six weeks ago, while I was super busy with client work and had deadlines all over the place, my plumbing decided to back up. I thought it was just in the kitchen sink but that afternoon I realized that it was all over my laundry and mudroom.
If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times: I HATE CARPET! It's awful. Sorry if there are any carpet lovers out there. I agree that it can look pretty in some cases. It is so nasty though that I just can't get past what is in all those little fabric fibers and underneath the pad. One thing I will never understand is carpet in wet spaces like bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms. This house was carpeted in ALL of those places. I've slowly been trying to get the carpet out but flooring is expensive! 

This is what the laundry/mudroom looked like when we moved in:

This is the disaster of the plumbing problem. Beware: gross pictures!!! Just be glad you couldn't smell it.

I had to rip out the section that the laundry machines were sitting on because they were the most saturated. But the floor is covered in old black mastic so I couldn't rip it all up or we wouldn't have anything good to walk on while waiting for the new flooring to arrive.

Why yes, that's a sheet of hardboard cut to fit the carpet cutout so that I could put the machines back in and actually have clean clothes for the children to wear to school. Feel free to insert your own red-neck joke. I think I came up with about 20 myself!

Finally having working laundry was an amazing feeling. Also, to have the smell gone was pretty fantastic. The new flooring was ordered and I cannot explain my joy when they called a week early and it was already in!

I cannot wait to show you guys this room! Stay tuned for the inspiration pictures and the finished product!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

All In The Plan

I've had a plan for this house since I walked through it the first time with my amazing realtor. In my head, it was going to happen in sections, tackling the most offensive areas first and then moving on to tweaking the smaller ones.
I've done a few things so far like the bathroom flooring, painting out paneling and walls, and the breakfast nook
This is about my son's room.

Above is the picture from the real estate listing. Below is the closet that was in this room.

This house is laid out almost perfectly for me, but there are a few things that I felt needed to be changed for better functionality for the way we live. Here is a small section of the original layout of how my son's room connects to the rest of the house.

His closet was the center section with the other two sections opening up into the master. (there will be more plans revealed for that space in the future)

As you can see below, I closed that closet up to make more wall space in his bedroom.

But now the boy needed a closet. Here is the plan for what I am doing right now.

The hall closet was taken over and is being made into Dylan's custom closet. The view from the hall looked like this when we moved in:

Gold lattice covered doors and all!

So, off came the doors. But before the big demolition began my daughter's cat Eli decided that we emptied this entire closet just for him.

The walls did come down though. This is looking from the entry hall into Dylan's room.

This is the view from Dylan's room to the front door and his beloved cat Tennant Rory (can you tell that my son loves Doctor Who?) Tennant wasn't fond of the construction and was quite loud about it.

Here is that same view after the wall was framed in and the drywall was up.

Below is the view from the entry hall once I had done a little mudding.

Obviously this bit of construction impacted the hallway and I will have more to reveal on that in the future as well. Yes, this is the domino effect. In this case though, it is such a beautiful one that I don't mind. There have been other domino effects lately that have not been so pleasant. Things like plumbing, but that's for another post entirely.

I scoured many many houzz and Pinterest boards to find the best solution for the built-ins in Dylan's new closet. I found a lot of really great options but this one drew me in the most. I altered the final plans slightly but the overall concept is the same.

I can't wait for this space to be finished and show you all the reveal. As of right now this is my favorite room in the house…other than the breakfast nook.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Nursery Dresser

I love the power of paint! This is a beautiful makeover for a very special nursery. Andra brought me this dresser to makeover for her daughter Courtney. Courtney is expecting soon and needed beautiful and practical storage for her nursery. 
I won't call it simple really, the piece needed a bit of repair before the painting began. 

Here is the before:

You can't tell from the picture above, but the structure of the dresser wasn't very sound.

The styles had separated from the top on both sides of the center drawer and door set.

This resulted in a major crack on the bottom of the piece and caused the piece to sag in the center.

All it took was some metal brackets, wood glue, and clamps and the piece was back to it's normal state.

The hardware required some painting and sealing.

So chic!

Here is the piece all finished in its delicate white glory!

Another pretty piece complete! Now on to the next one.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Ashleigh's Custom Light

If you have followed me for a while you know that I have a really fabulous client named Ashleigh. I could wax poetic about her style and flawless taste for quite a while, but I'm sure that if you look at things like the buffet, this armoire, these nightstands, the farmhouse table, or the fish chairs you can see that amazing taste for yourself.
More recently I have painted a fireplace mantle and made a custom light fixture. Here is a quick peek at the fireplace before and after:

She was over the dark and wanted a brighter and cleaner look. She called and asked if I could paint it short notice. She already had the paint, so I came in and painted it out. It took three coats to cover the black. In the picture below I took a quick picture before leaving and you can tell it wasn't completely dry. It looks fabulous though.

Just a quick little makeover.

Now to the main event! 
Y'all know how much I love good lighting. The right fixture, pot lights, and especially natural light. Lately, I've really been into creating light fixtures that are similar to high end fixtures. My lantern pendant in the breakfast nook is a great example.
Ashleigh knows this and had a great idea for a fixture in her new mudroom entry space. She brought me this:

It's an industrial dome shade but it had nothing attached to it and was covered in dirt.
My daughter thought it looked like half of an easter egg and made up a little rap and dance about it. I have it on video and may use it as blackmail when she's a teenager. Since she would kill me if I shared that, I thought this picture would suffice.

She is a mess!
A piece of wood had to be fitted with a bracket to attach to the ceiling box. I wanted the wood to match her flooring so I got some red oak veneer to cover the poplar that had been used for the top.

Next that piece had to be stained and waxed

 With the exterior being vintage I wanted the inside of the light to look as original as possible as well. I used porcelain bulb sockets and attached them to a perfectly turned piece I had my father make. I don't use the lathe…it still scares me. But, my amazing father is fantastic at it and I contract him out for small jobs like this.

All the wires pulled through

My dad helping me hold it in place to see if we liked it.

All of the wood on the inside of the fixture was painted white to match the shade.
Here it is all finished up and ready for installation.

 This was a difficult installation. I had to take it back to my dad's shop and tweak a few things and come back and try again. Ashleigh's husband ended up helping me as it was large and difficult to mount. 
Here it is installed in the space:

It ties in perfectly and is so great in this space. Even though it was a bit difficult to hang, it was so worth it in the end. This is probably my all-time favorite fixture I've done.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A Rocking Chair for Baby

You know that piece of furniture that's been in your family for a long time? The one that was probably really in style at the time they got it, but is probably pretty hideous now? The one that people tell you to throw out? 
Well, I have a major soft spot for those precious people that don't throw those pieces out. You can make it gorgeous! This little old rocker was my client's grandmother's. When she found out she was expecting her first child she wanted it for the nursery chair. She saw the potential for it to be precious and I'm so glad that she did!

This is the chair before:

It needed some repair so I added new webbing to make it more secure.

All finished

In the precious nursery space. I love the sweet vintage look and the sentimental feel.

(Client Image)

Monday, December 15, 2014

The Breakfast Nook

Some of you may remember back in August when I showed some ideas I had for my breakfast nook area. You can check them out here.
Fast forward a few months and I'm finally ready to post the reveal. I wish I could say that it was a final reveal, but alas I still have to get the new floors and decide what I'm going to do about the ceiling…the word loathe doesn't even start to touch how I feel about carpet or popcorn texture. But hey, it's a process right?
Recently a friend and I were discussing "domino effect". It seems those of us in creative professions live in a constant domino effect. I'm sure many of you out there can relate. 
One thing led to another, and another. Finally this is what I have until flooring and ceiling decisions are made.
Building of the banquette

I designed the style I wanted and how it would be most functional for the children and myself. It included a file drawer since it is across from the desk area in the kitchen. This keeps the desk clear and everything nice and tidy. The other drawer is a deep storage drawer for oversized kitchen items. This is before the drawer fronts were put on.

 The drawer front in place and me checking out how I felt about the pulls. Loved them!

 The top is made of 1"x6" red oak boards.

The base painted out and put into place.

The top being stained to match the antique table.

Me being goofy from the insane heat in my garage while staining. Look at that grain though!

All put together and in place, including a couple of pillows I made for the space.

Next I finished adding the trim to the windows and worked on the light fixture. I've loved lantern fixtures for the longest time and really wanted one for this nook area. They are pretty pricey if you want one of any size though and I of course wanted an oversized lantern. I looked for a long time and then just decided to try and DIY it. I mean why not? Nothing could be worse than the sputnik light that was there.

I mean seriously. Smoked glass, shiny brass, and a bunch of little round bulbs is not a look that goes with my style.

After the smokey glass was already in the dumpster I remembered to take a more close up picture. Still hideous. The electrical box also needed to be moved. It had been centered in the room and I had moved everything over to the corner to create the nook I was longing for.

This house was full of bad fixtures but I didn't just throw things away. I keep parts and make something new out of them. The old hall light was just as hideous but had a nice 4 cluster candelabra center to it. I knew Hobby Lobby had oversized lanterns (candle lanterns) so I went to check it out. I found the shape I wanted and luckily it was on clearance. It was also damaged so I got an even better deal. I ended up paying less than $30 for this big lantern.

The problem with a candle lantern is the solid bottom. But, my Dad loves me and cut it out so I didn't have to.

The stem in the center was too short as well so I had to get a longer piece of copper tubing and rewire the fixture.

I popped the glass back in after it was painted and clear-coated and then it sat in my garage for months while I waited to move electrical box. All of my personal projects were on hold for a while at this point.

I'm in LOVE with this fixture! I had the paint on hand already and most of the electrical parts. with the lantern, a piece of copper pipe, and a new electrical box this fixture came in under $40.

I love the big window overlooking the backyard. I love the light and the colors. I love the bench seat and the wood tones. I love my jadeite green chairs.
The first night the fixture was in place I had to do some sewing for a client. I set up my machine and stepped back for a moment just staring at it again. This corner of my kitchen is everything I wanted for the space. It's my style yes, but the more important things are the moments we have around this table. The children draw ornaments on the chalk tree and after taking a precious picture under the antlers (if you follow peacockdoordesigns on Instagram you'll know what I'm talking about), they have drawn in their own little deer. They put the christmas cards on the burlap board. They both want to sit on the nook banquette. They do homework at this table. They laugh with me at this table - we celebrate so many life moments in this space and that makes it so very precious to me.

The fact that I also think it's beautiful is just icing!